Structural Design – Heres to a busy 2016

Happy New Year to you!

March 2015 was my last post on the Struccie Blog.

The absence of any news on the Blog has been down to having committed to a Site based Project working abroad in 2015, with this due to finish in April 2016.

During this time we haven’t had the chance or possibility to build the blog as we were hoping too, however this will change in 2016, along with a general website update which will include exciting news regarding new services. With the building industry moving fast, Struccie Design will be offering in-house support along with remote design assistance.

We have come along way from the drawing board.

Draffie 60's

2016 is going to be busy, we will be looking to increase our current client base and enjoy new partnerships. We are also looking forward to experiencing different design software, we are looking at Tekla Structures in particular and will keep you updated of details regarding this.

All the best –


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