Updated Struccie Design website!

Hey there!

The past 18 months has been a very busy period, coinciding with the forming of Struccie Design. Due to other commitments away from Struccie, the blog and also the website in general has been near enough dormant however I hope for this to change from here on in.

To get the website up and running its taken a lot of effort but were not quite there yet. We are giving the website a refresh along with a new logo (we hope you’ll like it). The content will also change. We will be giving our thoughts and opinions on BIM Implementation and a new section showcasing our projects. We will be dropping our Planning Application service, this is purely so we can focus more on larger projects. The pages highlighting BIM will have additional information, some links to useful sites and possible videos to give a greater understanding of what we can offer as Design House.

Industrial Stair 2

From a Designers point of view modelling is the fun part of the job. Feeding the design into the model and watching it grow. On the revised website we hope to showcase some of our skills by showing you on the blog and also our projects page what we are working on – past and present.

For example the Steel Industrial Stairs taken from a model on a previous project one of our designers worked on. More information on materials and ways of Construction, plus building regulations and adhering to safety will also be added to the website as time goes by. In doing this we hope that we offer a different view to the work that is carried out by many each day in different Consultancies/Architectural Practices around the World. So as much as our website is a focal point for current and future clients we also hope our new website will be somewhere that like minded professionals like to visit for a different twist on all things old and new.

3d Snapshot 1


Struccie Design has started to grow but our Business model hasn’t changed. Our aim for 2016 is to expand our client base and create steady growth through into 2017, while focusing on what we do best, providing sound and solid design support while offering a personal service. If we can help you with your current or future Projects drop us a line.

Over the past twelve months Ireland has seen steady growth in the Construction Industry, Dublin in particular but also Cork is starting to see more investment in the Commercial and retail sectors (just look up and see the cranes) while in the UK, London and the South East has seen heavy investment across the board. On a larger scale the UK Government are keen to see the approval of GDF commit to the construction of Power Stations up and down the UK, with such investment you would like to think this will benefit all.

Thanks for checking in with us, we hope to be building our blog and adding more content a lot more than we have been able too in 2016. So keep an eye out for the revised website and Company Logo and new pages, let us know what you think!

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