At Struccie Design we specialise in Planning Applications for House Extensions and New Builds in the Provence of Munster. Our clients are generally home owners who are looking to extend or alter their dwelling. This could be additional living space - bedrooms or a conservatory.

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The Initial Consultation is at no cost.

During this phase we will sit down and discuss your requirements - what exactly are your looking to do and what you expect from the change to your property once its finished or new Build.

Below is a list of Items that Struccie Design will take care of as part of your Planning Pack. Depending on the area you live in and planning conditions there may be additonal information added to the list below, but we will inform you of this during the Planning Process.

  • Initial Planning Sketches
  • Planning Drawings
  • Historical Maps
  • Site Survey
  • Advert in local paper
  • Consultation with planning officer if required
  • Populating of Planning Application
  • Printing of Planning Drawings and Planning Application (Your local Council will determine number of copies required).
  • Submission of Planning Application
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During the planning process there is a possibility that there may be objections to your planning application, if this is the case we shall arrange to meet with the Planning Officer that is overseeing your application to see how we can overcome any objections. This may require a detailed response to the objection, which again we shall take care of.

At Struccie Design we shall see this process through until Planning is approved, our fee is a one off fee and there are no hidden charges.


We understand that an extension to your home can be personal and we like to feel our service will be a seamless transition taking away any unwanted stress during this time.

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