Reinforced Detailing at Struccie Design

Struccie Design have extensive knowledge of Reinforced Concrete and provide a comprehensive R.C. Detailing Service.


We can cover your Projects no matter the size, large or small – from Concrete Framed Flat Slab design for Residential Blocks to Bridges. Retaining Walls to Water Retaining Structures, see our Concrete Detailing Page for all Structures and Elements we can detail.

From Single drawings to multiple drawings per floor of a building we cover all areas, Struccie Design will provide you our Client with a Hard Copy of the RC Drawing(s) along with Bar Bending Schedule.

R.C. Detailing

When it comes to giving you a quote we have three options.

  • Charging by the hour
  • Per Drawing
  • Complete Project

Each option has its own benefits. Some projects maybe better suited to have a fixed price, if there is a large amount of repetition the drawing rate will normally be less. Per drawing may be more beneficial if there are say less than 10 drawings containing different elements with little repetition and the hourly rate would be better suited for example if there amount of work would be less than 40 hours.

Any revisions to the drawing(s) would be charged at an agreed hourly rate prior to any work commencing.

We will also be happy to provide a schedule of works with the quote on request.


RC Ground Beams


Our Principle Designer has 20 years experience RC Detailing to British and more recently European Codes, using CADS-RC across this period of time for Insitu to Precast concrete. If you looking for help with your RC Detailing, contact us today, we will be glad to help in any way we can.



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