What is CAD Outsourcing?


Cad Outsourcing is an efficient and effective way to produce you work by using an external service provider - Struccie Design.


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What are the benefits of using Struccie Design?


  • Instant access to experienced Civil, Structural & Architectural Designers

  • Remove the need to train permanent staff members when using Struccie Design

  • Reduced Company overheads/Increased Profits

  • Take away the need to hire additional personnel when your existing staff are stretched due to extra workload.

  • The extra pressure of managing the Drafting/modelling and Design work is lifted due to Struccie Design 'taking up the slack'.

  • No need to increase investment in Design software due to Struccie Design using their own.

  • Using Struccie Design takes away the need to increase office space.

  • Reduced wasted man-hours.





How Does It Work?


  • Make contact with us at Struccie Design by going to the Contact Page via phone, email or even Twitter or Linkedin.

  • Once contact has been made we can run through your Technical and Design requirements

  • Struccie Design will request a break-down of your needs - Do you want us to run deliver your project drawings or Building Information Model from start to finish or just produce a set amount of drawings, or perhaps you want us to work a specific set amount of hours on a Project.

  • Once this has been clarified we can agree a timeframe for the scope of works required.

  • Design work will then commence, during the time of works Struccie Design may email/telephone or on occasion visit site or your office to run through the work.

  • Struccie Design will then update the Client with drawings or model when they are produced or as the model is progressed to review and check prior to official drawing/model issue.


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