At Struccie Design BIM is at the forefront of our Design Service.

BIM Co-ordination

BIM is now the leading design tool within the Engineering/Architectural and Construction Industries.

BIM provides the client with a 3d model, enabling to highlight clashes within the design model allowing for changes before reaching site and thus saving time and money on the project,

Using BIM enables us to provide a full Material Take-off for the contractor allowing for accurate Material Cost Estimates.

 BIM Design

What are the benefits of using BIM?

Reduced Project Costs
Improved Visualization
Faster Delivery 
Increase in the overall project quality
Reduced Project Material Waste
Reduced man hours
Integrated, Interoperable Data
Parametric Modelling allows for whole changes throughout
Lower on-site risks and higher probability of outcomes
Pre-frabrication of larger more complex parts
Reduction in re-work
Better Cost Control
Reduced Safety Risk
BIM Review



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